MV Service Page

Welcome to the mv service page. You are here because you would like to request an online service. 


 1 Do not pay for any service unless you are requested to pay for a service. 

2. Always contact the person who offers the service and confirm that the service is available. 

3. After your purchase a service, make a print screen of your payment and send it to the person who provides you the service. (Without a confirmation from your payment your purchase can not be traced or confirmed)

4. The person who provides the service, will respond to you on what's app. 

5. Soon if everything is clear, you can video call. 

That is all. 

Rates: Online Service

1/2 Hour = 35 euro 



1 Hour = 50 euro

90 Minutes = 70 euro

2 Hours = 90 euro. 

Payments: PayPal or any major debit card. 

Your payments are 100% discreet. 


All services are (paid) there is no option for a trial, and freeloading is not accepted

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