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6 Bedroom Dream House for Sale, Abuja, Nigeria

Are you seeking, the perfect spot, luxury, your inner selve, a home where your family feels like home. Then this property, is the perfect match for you and your family. It is in a high class suborn neighborhood, nearby schools and shopping center, and best of all, it is big. It is located in Abuja, one of the best and most develop cities in West Africa, It has 6 bedrooms, even if your family is not that large. There is plenty of room to expend, or better, have your family over. What would be better then have a home full of joy. The house has all secondary that you need, and all the privacy that you need. Where everyone can be themselves, and if you think that is all? If you are interested in this property, you will receive not 1, but 2 cars with it, this to give you something, in return, and help you, to, Settle in . Only for those, who are really interested, if you want to know more, about this property. You could contact the real estate agent, or, customer service, he would be happy to give you all details and invite you for a house seeing. But enough talk, let us share with you, your new life.

If you are interested in this house, feel free to contact us, we could arrange a virtual tour, or we could arrange everything for you to feel the spirit, so you can feel it and see with your own eyes, that this is the perfect house for you. We hope that we hear from you soon. But before we end this advertisement, the bit starts from $1.2 Million dollar,

Contact details of real estate agent, can be provided by calling our customer service.

Thank you that is all, hope to hear from you soon. (only for those who are really interested)