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A T8TH.LIVE Member has Past Away at the age of 56

We have some sad news to share with you all. T8TH Member Silvia passed away on November 28, 2022, she was 56 years old. Silvia was a person with a great personality, she was always around, always there to talk to you, and had a heart of gold. Her kindness, her time, her everything. She will always be an inspiration and remembered by T8TH Community. Thank you so much for believing in T8TH, we will never forget you, and you will always be a part of us, we wish you could be there with us all the way, we know deep from the inside, we will feel you in our heart, and you will remain in our heart all the way till the end. R.I.P. Madam Silvia, you will never be forgotten.

T8TH members & Team.