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Claudia Fiorilla Hair & Beauty

Hello, T8TH readers, it's been a while, but we are happy to introduce to you Claudia Fiorilla products. Claudia is a hairstylist with 25+ years of experience. She is one of T8TH members, and we are happy to announce that she is in combination with T8TH, all because of your donations and her devotion and our marketing team, launched her own Hair & Beauty products. She is also T8TH Official Partner of T8TH Holland and T8TH Italy. This means, that everything that has to do with Hai& Beauty will be Claudia Fiorilla. We all want to thank you as T8TH.LIVE, as we call it now T8TH International, all because of your support, we could help someone else to achieve a dream, and follow that dream. T8TH thank you so much, and who knows, maybe it will be you we talk about next time. Keep to good spirit up. T8TH, together we will raise. Enough about thanking you, here she is

Claudia Fiorilla, Un Nome, Marchio, Un Garanzia

Hair extensions, Weft hair, wigs, and Keratine Supro 1200.