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Fearless Chapter 2: Savoring the Moment (Romantic Short Story)

Checking the table one more time, they fussed with a napkin before buzzing Maddie into the building. It had been a while since Rylan had someone else in their space.

They yanked the door open to wait for the elevator at the other end of the hall.

You're acting like a nervous kid, they thought, squashing the urge to check the Coq Au Vin one last time against some unforeseen disaster.

Worry warred with the thrill of seeing Maddie again.

The two had covered a library's worth of subjects over the past several days. Everything from politics to family pets. Except for gender. Sure, she knew they were genderfluid, but knowing someone was trans, even messing around online, was different from dating.

There had been more than one lover who wanted Rylan as a Domme and a woman, but couldn’t, (or wouldn’t, they thought with a twinge of sadness), accept them as a man. For now, all signs pointed to Maddie understanding the difference between someone wearing a strap-on and a man wearing a packer because it was a piece of themselves as much as a hand or a foot.

She's remarkable.

Maddie's blurting and honesty charmed them to their toes. The two had been finalizing their dinner pl