Increase Your Basic Needs (Become a Sales Representive) We Are Hiring!

Updated: Jul 1

Hello, dear readers, and welcome to another update from T8TH NEWS. Well the last 2 years, weren't easy for anyone. But this year, things are more unsecured. People are struggling with how to make ends needs. Some who were so certain about their future, are now coming into a situation where you can not plan far ahead into the future. What if we tell you, that there is an option to increase your basic needs. What if we are telling you that we are hiring. Everyone, young or those who are coming at age, is more than welcome to join T8TH, and become a Sales representative for T8TH projects and/or products that we represent. The best of all is that you could control your time, you never can become fired, and you could increase your basic needs, how you want to increase your basic needs. Everything depends on you. We believe that everyone deserves an honest chance in life. We are a community where everyone gives each other a helping hand. and together we can achieve so much more. So, what are we looking for? Let us share with you some details.

Job Application (Sales Representative)

* Minimum 18 Years old - no maximum age limited

* Speak and write (Basic or better) English (other extra languages are more than welcome)

* Know how to use a computer (medium level)

* You need to have a personality (this is a pre)

* Have at least 3 months experience in sales. (affiliate, outbound, inbound, face 2 face or door 2 door.) If you have one or more experience in these categories, then we are looking for you.

*Have basic knowledge of marketing. (social media, other online experiences, or offline.

* Can think outside of the box (No 9 - 5 mentality)

What do we offer?

* Stable Income

* T8TH e-mail address (only for those who become hired)

* Introduction Page here at T8TH. (You can share this with your clients/customers)

* Complete Sales & Business presentations about products and projects in PDF form (including contracts) Only for those who become hired!

* Support Service (for those who have questions, or need guidance.)

* Payments through Wire Transfer (Globally), PayPal, & Revolut. (Weekly Instant Payments for those with an EU IBAN in EURO Currency.


PayPal: 3e day of the following month (fees may apply)

Revolut: 10e day of the following month

Wire Transfer: 26e of the following month (Only for those outside the European Union, payment can take up to 5 business days, bank fees may apply)

IBAN: Instant Payment, Every Wednesday of the following week.

How to apply?

If you want to apply for the job of Sales Representative, You can send us your CV to Soon if your CV is received, you will receive a response with all details and the information package. (PDF file)

Everyone who sends us their CV will receive that.

If our team, believes that you would be a good candidate, a follow-up will be scheduled.

If you have any questions, you could call T8TH customer service, all details are on the page Contact. Or you could write a chat message here on this platform, in the chat member area.

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