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My strong warrior 🥰❤️.

I got a chance to ask one of my fellow symptomatic sickle cell carrier about her experience with sickle cell trait and this is what SANDY DUTCHES YOGA had to say;

I was told of SCT when I was 16 and I had many symptoms long before this. Pain deep in my joints, so bad I wanted to cut a hole in my legs and find the pain, the cold weather was always the worst day. I had a blood transfusion at the age of 22 years old, always suffering from anemia .. Always had headaches and painful stomach issues. Had to get glasses for distance at an early age .. Had both lenses in my eyes replaced as I had the worse cataracts for a young person. Working in the medical field and walking the hospital floors was death to my bones .. I have narcosis in my hip joints and couldn’t walk much and had to quit the hospital …Couldn’t sleep after a long day of walking, my legs will hurt all night long .. I had to have some bones removed from my femur to put into my hips sockets to see if they can generate new blood cells in that area.. I can never get off the floor if I sit down without using my hands to help me up .. I roll out of bed every day in so much pain and limp to my kitchen I take no medication, but I do yoga for 23 years, follow a strict diet, drink smoothies with turmeric root and ginger almost every day I get sad and depressed that no one understands really how painful just climbing the stairs are. I feel like a fool that doctors said “ well it’s just the trait, you should have no symptoms” Some days I feel depressed beyond cuz I wish to not ever be in pain. I am very young at heart and wanted to see this world and climb mountains, but I know none of that is possible. I worked my whole life since 16 years old and I own a yoga studio now but wish to sit in a hammock on the beach 😀 I am tired all day and can’t sleep at night.. Thank you for hearing me, I wish to be involved in any forums, groups, or organization, to share my side of SCT…