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New T8TH Music Store Now Added To Our Platform.

Hello T8TH visitors/members. We proudly can say that we have added an online music store to our platform. Here you can listen to music, buy music but we also added something extra. You could sell your music through our platform.

Did you know you receive 85% out of every sale that is made through the T8TH platform? And something else we would like to share with you, are you ready for it? We will payout weekly. That's right every Monday you receive a paycheck. We payout through



Paxum, and

Wire transfer.

So why don't you check out our new online music store? It is brand new, but new music will always be added. To go to the music store, please click on the link.

Oh before we forget, you know, what is important also? If you know someone who makes music, a producer, artist, beat creator and you bring them to the T8Th platform? You will receive for every person that you bring to the T8Th platform 5% out of every person who makes a sale, through the platform. That's right you become rewarded. And same as the artist/producer/beat creator you also will receive a paycheck every week. Sound good? Well if you have any more questions, feel free to ask us, you could write us, call us, send an e-mail, whatever matched your desires. We are happy to answer all your questions. That's all for today.