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On Your Mind

You walked into my hotel room, I was standing at the window admiring the DC skyline, it was beautiful. You greeted me with "Hello Beautiful" and at the same time, you put your arms around me to cup my breast. I leaned back on your chest, my body started to tingle from your touch and the way you rolled my petite nipples between your fingers with enough pressure to cause an erotic sweet pain. I moaned ecstatically surrendering to the sensation. "Slim, I've been thinking about your body all day, wanting to suck your titties and make you wet." All I could do was nod my head yes to you and spread my legs. You caressed my body and allowed your hand to travel to my throbbing clit. "Oh Baby, when I make you cum like this I know that this pussy is mine!" Your fingers are sliding in me and my juices are flowing down my legs. I try to turn towards you, "No Baby not yet, I want to feel this some more." I put one leg up on the chair to give you more access to my feminine hardness and slippery well of nectar. As I leaked my warm love juice in your hand you spread it all over my body and mouth, then kissed me deeply. "Girl I love the way you taste!" "Yes Bobby, yes, I am yours and I want you so bad!" Alternately squeezing my nipples with one hand and fingering me with the other was driving me wild and I wanted you to fuck me hard, deep, and long. I could feel your hard dick against my back and I needed to taste it in my mouth and have it sliding down my throat! On the bed, you continued to finger fuck me until my legs started to shake and my cunt was squirting! "Yeah Baby! That's exactly what I wanted you to do. Let it go, Cum to Daddy!" You opened my pussy lips, stuck your tongue in for a taste, sucked, and licked my clit & cunt until I begged you to stop. "Ooooh, Bobby please baby I can't take it anymore!" "Slim I told you I can eat some pussy!"

Miss J