Rise of Kingdom Kingdom Of Netta 2919

Hello everyone, welcome to this special blog news. We are so happy that we can support ROK T8TH players. Yes, we created and created the best spots in Kingdom Netta, and we have leaders who joined us, Even though this server is so new, we already had war, and our clan, was at war with Britain & Russians, can you believe it? But, ey T8TH community does not give up, and we have to thank you for that, thank you all for supporting, us and becoming strong in this kingdom. We are so proud of you. Remember you are T8TH, players are competing with each other, it is like a live-action movie, and you can be part of it. we have so many things to share with you. But best of all, we have a group, let us share the link with you. https://www.t8th.live/group/rise-of-kingdoms-united-nations-2919-kingdom-netta/about#preventScrollToTop

This link, what you see, click on it, but you need to be login to join. You can log in with Facebook, or Gmail, or just create your own account, it's up to you. That is all, ROK Players, and thank you for being so strong in Region Victoria.

We love it, so proud of you all.

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