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Sickle cell trait

It's all about the trait!!

Sickle cell trait is not a benign condition,if you are a symptomatic sickle cell carrier,you go through the agonizing pain each and everyday then you understand what I mean. All the time I hear the doctors say you are fine sickle cell trait does not cause any health issues and you ain't in any pain,my heart bleeds and I loose hope because they are the people who are supposed to help me ,does it mean I fake the pain?? who would surely want to fake being in pain and go to the hospital for something fake? sickle cell trait is not as benign as it is said or written in books,I honestly don't understand why it is said to be benign whilst many youths have died cause of sickle cell trait and it's misconceptions, sickle cell anaemia comes from sickle cell trait so it should be recognized as one of the most targeted condition in order to fight sickle cell anaemia ,as it starts with one gene of a sickled cell meeting another and why on earth do they treat the one with the trait differently to the one with the disease when they are both in excruciating pain?. Yes a sickle cell patient is sometimes ignored and not given the care and attention needed by the medical world , it's worst for a carrier as they don't even believe you are in pain and ignore what they see,they will try to convince you into believing it's not the trait giving you health issues and that the pain may be growing pain, which never makes sense to me as I have been in pain for as young as I can remember. sickle cell trait is a chronic illness and has all sorts of complications. As a symptomatic sickle cell carrier ,I have met more than 4 haematologist were only one believed I go through pain and go on crisis just like a sickle cell patient but she couldn't do anything to help me apart from increasing my dosage of medications as it is rare and benign she said. Sickle cell trait is a life threatening condition which needs proper treatment and more awareness .I choose to advocate for symptomatic sickle cell trait warriors who go through pain in silence,who keep quiet and hide their pain cause they are scared of what society will think and say, warriors who believe what they are told about sickle cell trait and feel they are abnormal instead. I choose to let people know that sickle cell trait is a daily struggle that weakens your immune system and may lead to death. To all my fellow symptomatic carriers you are strong. you are a warrior. you are brave. and continue fighting. #invisibledisability. #sicklecelltraitwarrior. #notabenigncondition. #moresicklecelltraiteducation.