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T8TH is looking for Talent Agents (GLOBALLY).

Are you an adventurous person, and are you looking for a side job? Have you ever considered that becoming a T8TH talent agent could be the perfect match for you? When you are walking in the street, going to places, or on public transport, when you are at a party, you always see talent around you. That is what we see also, but with so many people on this planet, and so many countries, there are a lot of opportunities. That's why we are looking for T8TH talent agents, who are going out there and finding all kinds of talents in all categories. We all have some kind of talent inside of us, so there is a lot of talent to be found everywhere.

What do you need to do to become a T8TH talent agent?

You need to apply, to become a T8TH talent agent, and you also need to follow an online course. If you finish this with good results, you will receive a certificate and an agent number. From there on you can start to work as a talent agent.

What countries are accepted?

All countries are accepted, wherever you come from, you can apply. As long as you speak one of the following languages. English, German or Dutch so you can communicate with our customer service and/or your manager.

Do I need experience?

No need for experience is needed, T8TH team will guide and train you.