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Things to Look for When Reading a Bible Passage

Have you ever listened to a Bible teacher read a familiar Bible passage, and then, one by one, they begin to pull things out of that text that you never saw before? As they discuss finding after finding, you wonder, “How did they do that!?! I wish I could dig into a passage like that!”

Anybody? 🙋‍♀️

Well, you CAN. You and I can be Bible students who know how to glean treasures from the Scriptures! In this post, I’m going to share exactly how…. actually, we’ll cover 20 ways you can identify treasures in a text! But first, I have to share a little story.

Back in 2002, I was a young missionary living in a foreign country with my husband. We were without access to a local church, pastoral teaching, Bible study workbooks, podcast, and conferences. The only thing we DID have was dial-up 😜 In other words, we did well to log onto an email. 😂

But I had the word of God! And out of survival and sheer necessity, I learned to dig deep into Scripture and find nourishment there. Trust me, I was desperate for it!

What I learned by necessity has served me well for many years and for many years, I’ve had the privilege of helping others learn these same Bible study skills.

The first and most important step is to simply learn to be a good READER of the Bible.

In other words, learn to NOTICE what you are reading!

In his classic book, Living By the Word, Howard Hendricks said, “Our culture has made a radical shift in