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This cat was left to die, Now he is a healthy strong cat

Kevin is a Russian blue recently found in a car park in a critical condition. The kitty was rushed to the vet, where the doctors saw that he was seriously ill and thought he wouldn’t survive. Tailah, the guy that takes care of Kevin now, says that the unfortunate kitty had no control over his actions when he was brought to the vet. “He would peck his food so hard that he’d just nail his head on the floor,” he explains.

Kevin is suffering from hydrocephalus, a condition that occurs due to excess fluids in the brain. The cat survived against all odds, but doctors were pretty sure that he would get seizures from that point on. However, 4 years later the cat is in perfect condition. He doesn’t suffer from seizures, and he’s living a happy life with his human.

He was found in a car park in a critical situation when he was only 4 weeks old.