Twitter Users Attacking Prince Harry for condescending UN speech against America

Conservative Twitter users tore Prince Harry apart after the British royal gave a condescending speech trashing the Supreme Court's reversal of Roe v. Wade during a U.N. summit on International Nelson Mandela Day.

During the Monday speech, Harry seemed to take aim at conservative policies. He claimed that "the rolling back of Constitutional rights in the United States," in addition to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, represents a "global assault on democracy and freedom."

Considering that Harry and his wife, actress Meghan Markle, champion progressive causes, the implication in his speech seemed to refer to the Supreme Court's Dobbs v. Jackson abortion ruling.

Conservatives online read between the lines and reminded Prince Harry exactly how Americans feel about the British being involved in their politics.

Conservative columnist Eddie Zipperer rebuked the prince, tweeting "If you owe everything you have in life to the title of nobility that was bestowed on you at birth, you should feel free not to lecture anyone about democracy and freedom."

British Journalist and former Margaret Thatcher aide, Nile Gardiner, accused Harry of promoting propaganda at his wife’s behest. He wrote, "Prince Harry is increasingly just a mouthpiece for Meghan Markle's far Left political activism. A sad decline for a once hugely popular figure. He is actively undermining the British Monarchy by engaging in political attacks, and damaging the image of the Royal Family in America."

"Go home, little boy," wrote American Greatness senior fellow Ned Ryun.

UFC fighter Tim Kennedy pointed out the irony of Prince Harry’s speech, tweeting, "A prince from the British Royal Family is telling Americans that they should be disarmed…" He included a GIF of The Office's main character Michael Scott laughing.

Jerusalem Post senior contributing editor Lahav Harkov reminded the member of the British Royal Family that they have no right to condemn the U.S. "Sorry Harry, your family lost the right to lecture Americans on democracy after that whole taxation without representation thing," she wrote.

Conservative commentator Allie Beth Stuckey quipped, "I want to live in the fictional world libs think exists, in which a global movement of right-wingers are strategically and successfully dismantling everything the left holds dear. If only."

Author and lawyer Ilya Shapiro couldn’t refrain from slamming Harry either, tweeting, "1. Why is he speaking at the UN? 2. Why is he speaking anywhere on something he doesn’t know anything about? 3. Maybe he should just stick to Nazi cosplay."

Conservative author Nick Adams was not amused with the prince’s tweet. He remarked, "The only place Prince Harry should be a keynote speaker at is an International Beta Male Convention. What a complete and total low testosterone loser."

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