Waking Up!

A dream is sliding away, one I can't remember, but I must have been enjoying it because my panties are soaked. My nipples are hard to the point of pain, straining against my tank top in the breeze from the ceiling fan. My breathing is heavy, and loud in the dark, and it turns me on even more. I’m tangled in the sheets, a pillow between my knees, as always. I tighten my thighs and begin to rock against them. I'm even wetter than I thought. My cotton briefs slide against me, making a mess of the sheets, but the warmth of my own arousal is all-consuming. Everything else ceases to exist. The pillow is too soft, it doesn't provide enough pressure, but I can be patient. For now.

I tease my nipples through the fabric of my shirt. My panting brings my breasts into my hands, and then away again, a torturous game with myself. My fingertips are itching for something more. Harder. Faster. With a gasp, I pinch the sensitive tips and buck forward, a low moan escapes my lips. I've never been this aroused, ever. I feel like I'm ready to burst out of my skin. Every touch, every sensation is overwhelming and I'm lost in a sea of longing, need, and ache. My breathing is erratic as I squeeze and play with my chest, fabric sliding between my hands and my body, creating a rush of tingles and extra stimulation. The pillow isn't cutting it anymore. I shove my hand between my legs, and the sudden change of pressure elicits another obscene moan. I don't even sound like myself. I remember that I share a wall with the room next door in some distant part of my mind. Leo probably isn’t up yet, and he sleeps like the dead. The possibility of being overheard by my roommate isn't enough of a concern to make me stop. Leo’s a good roommate in all the ways that count. He’s fun to hang out with, helps around the house, and gives me space when I want it. Living with him is a thousand times easier with her out of the picture. The hand between my thighs is slick, sliding along my panty line. My pussy is swollen with need, pulsing in time with my heart, hot and slippery and sensitive. A quick flick causes my whole body to clench. I'm trying to take my time, to make this feeling last, but I'm losing control. I rub my knuckles against my clit, circular motions that send me into spasms, my legs are twitching, and I'm trying to hold back, but I can't. This is beyond consciousness now. An orgasm rocks through my entire body, lifting me off the bed for a moment as I writhe and gasp for air. I realize that I'm making a high-pitched moaning sound, something I've never done before. Oh, god. Before the shuddering stops, another orgasm follows the first. I clench my teeth together, trying to quiet the scream that wants to escape. It still isn't enough. I've come twice, and feel even hornier than when I woke up. I don't know what's going on with me, but I'm too foggy and lightheaded to care. I'm going to ride this for as long as I can. The phrase gives me an idea. I scramble to get into my nightside table, where I have a dildo wrapped in its satiny bag. It has a suction cup on the end, but I've never actually tried it. Today is the day. I stumble into the bathroom but leave the overhead lights off. Our small window overlooks the lit courtyard and in the dim glow, I can just barely make out my reflection in the mirror above the sink. My hair is wild, and my tank top has twisted to one side, a pert, dark nipple peeking out. I survey my options and decide to stick the dildo to the inside wall of the tub. It takes a few seconds to get a good seal, seconds that feel like days as my breath quickens again. I still have one hand in my panties, teasing and toying, though I'm not in danger of losing interest. Once the silicone is secured to the wall, I quickly strip and turn on the water. When I moved in, I replaced the showerhead with a detachable, handheld style, which I'm absurdly grateful for today. I drop to my knees, one hand helping to support my weight, the other aiming the hot water between my legs. Oh, why haven't I done this before? I take a moment to enjoy the spray, before backing myself onto the dildo. The penetration plus the external stimulation sparks something in me that I would have been embarrassed to share with another person. It’s primal. I've never experienced this side of myself. I feel hungry, desperate. I shove my ass towards the wall, pressing the dildo as deep into my pussy as it will go. I try to find a rhythm, but my movements get more and more frenzied. I’m riding this thing hard, slamming myself back and shaking as the toy stretches me. A sound makes me realize that it was a second knock. I hadn’t immediately registered the first rapping at the door. I’m so far gone, too distracted, too lost. “Anna? You in there? I heard a weird noise. You ok?” The hand supporting my slips, and I drop the showerhead before barely catching myself. “I- yeah, shit, hang on,” I scream. I frantically try to right myself, and in the process, I bang my elbow against the side of the tub. The echo is embarrassingly loud, and I realize I didn’t turn the fan on. Leo would have been able to hear everything. God, had he heard me ramming myself against the wall? “What was that?” “Nothing, I’m fine! Give me a second.” I scramble into an upright position, replace the showerhead on the wall and try to catch my breath. I turn the water off and the silence feels heavy. “Okay,” he says, uncertainly. “Uh, you good?” I weigh my next words for a split second before deciding to commit. I don’t know who I am today: someone I’ve never been before. “Actually, could you… help me with something?” “Sure.” He sounds like he’s still half asleep. “Can you come in here?” He hesitates. I know it’s a weird request. We’ve been platonic roommates for months now since his ex moved out, a girl I casually knew from work. At first, I had been worried about living with him alone but we could handle the increased rent, and the awkwardness had passed almost overnight. Leo quickly became one of my best friends. Still, we weren’t the kind of friends who typically invited each other into the bathroom. He cracks the door open. “What’s up?” I peeked out across the small room. Steam obscured him for a moment, but I could see his eyes trained steadily on the floor. I cleared my throat, took a deep breath, and slid the shower curtain open. The sound drew his eyes up, and I saw his gaze bounced from the dildo on the wall, to my wet, naked form. The hall light behind him placed me in a near-perfect spotlight, or so I hoped. He froze, utterly and completely still, except for the obvious and immediate arousal. The bulge in his boxers got me panting again. I couldn’t look away. We stood there, taking each other in, the cool air from the hallway seeping into the room, cooling it down. I shivered slightly, and the movement seemed to shock him back to life. "Sorry, sorry,” he muttered and started to close the door. “No, please. I need…” I swayed a little bit. “Anna!” He rushed in and held a steadying hand against my arm. Very chaste. “Are you going to pass out?” The combination of the temperature drop, multiple orgasms, and my still unmet need made me feel dizzy but completely focused. I needed to lay down. I also needed him. Badly. I leaned forward, pressing myself against him. His chest hair tickled my already throbbing nipples, overstimulated from the cold. I could feel how hard it made him, could feel him trembling as he waited for my next move. “I need you,” I said simply. “I need you right now.” His eyes met mine. I don’t know what he saw there, but his pupils dilated and he ran his tongue across his lips. I wanted that tongue in my mouth and in… other places. He took a small step back and broke our bodies apart. “Are you asking what I think you’re asking?” “What do you think I’m asking,” I purred. “No games, Anna,” he said, roughly. “I need to know exactly what you mean.” I studied him up and down. He was clearly interested, clearly keeping himself in check, vibrating with the effort it took to keep his hands at his sides. “Say it.” “I need you inside me. I need to feel every inch of you. I need you to fuck me so hard I see stars and I need it right now.” Apparently, that was clear enough. He rushed forward and wrapped his arms around me, but his kiss was surprisingly gentle. His lips brushed mine, and he moved from my mouth to whisper in my ear. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting?” he said. “How long I’ve wanted you?” He slid his hands down my back and gently led me out of the tub. He took my hand and tugged me down the hallway towards his bedroom. His sheets were still mussed and warm. They smelled like him. He was happy to let me take the lead. I found a well of courage, born of desire and ease, that made me feel like I was able to take charge in a way I never had before during any sexual encounter. I felt powerful. I slid Leo’s boxers off, running my hands across the soft hair trailing his waistband. The sun was starting to come up, casting a glow about the room, light enough to see by, but leaving room for mystery. I took my time exploring his body. He wasn’t toned, or waxed, a fact I found deeply comforting. He looked deliciously, amazingly human. I traced a scar that curved under one knee. “Bike accident,” he mumbled. I kissed the scar and ran my tongue up along the inside of his thigh. I spent a few minutes learning the shape of his balls before taking his shaft in my mouth. He shuddered, and twined his hands in my hair, before gently pulling me away. “Too much,” he gasped. “I want this to last.” I crawled up his body and we ended up spooning, his erection pulsing against my back, but he ignored it and wrapped his arm around me, cupping my breast and pinching the nipple. He was very, very patient, making sure that every part of me got equal attention. His breath was hot in my ear. “You are stunning.” I whimpered and arched against him. I was getting impatient again and took matters into my own hands. I threw a leg back over his, creating easier access to my still-throbbing pussy. I was rubbing myself when his hand covered mine. He didn’t try to stop me or move my hand away. Instead, he moved with me, learning what I liked before taking over. He mimicked my actions, tracing my folds the way I had, and then moved down lower. He slid a finger inside me. “More,” I gasped. He added another. “More,” I insisted. He added a third and worked some kind of magic I’d never been able to do by myself or with a vibrator. He masterfully hit just the right spot and I had a moment of disorientation before realizing I had squirted. It felt foreign but the release was overwhelming. “Don’t stop,” I begged. He held me tight. Each wave sent shivers through my body, and he responded with a small moan, enjoying my pleasure. The world seemed to disappear for a moment and then I went limp, every muscle spent. And yet. “More,” I said again, stubbornly. “More what?” He laughed in my ear. “Do you need a break?” “No,” I rolled to face him. “I still need you.” I shoved him onto his back and gracelessly straddled his hips. I was a mess, sticky and slippery and still slightly damp from both the shower and sweat. I took a brief moment to consider the implant in my arm, thank god for birth control, and paused for a moment. He must have known what I was thinking because he quickly said, “I’m negative. Got tested after…” The shadow of the ex passed over the scene, but I shrugged it off. She was gone now, and Leo was all mine to enjoy. “I’m good too,” I whispered, and began to shift against him, rubbing myself and my arousal all over his rock-hard cock. I could have come again from just that, but I lifted myself slightly and adjusted him to meet me. I slid, slowly, slowly down until he filled me completely. He seemed to stop breathing until I began to pump up and down. Like in the shower, I started with patient intentions and quickly lost myself in the feel of him, the fullness, the smooth skin, and unyielding pressure. He reached forward, using his fingers to stimulate me, and I leaned back, giving him as much as I could. His eyes were open, taking me in, watching my tits bounce as I rode him faster and faster. Another orgasm, so many today, rocketed through me and I jerked forward, losing all sense of time or space. I felt him buck underneath me, letting out a low, deep groan and a couple of choice words. “Oh fuck,” I heard him whisper, more to himself than to me. I leaned forward, with him still inside me and he twitched again. “What?” He opened his eyes, kissed me, and cocked his head to the side with a sleepy smile. “It was even better than I imagined.”

MS Written by Maria Segreti Maria Segreti is a lifelong lover of words and stories. When she isn't buried in a book, you'll find her attempting to garden or sew. She lives in Colorado with her best friend and romantic inspiration.

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