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Who is Meghan Markle!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Did you all hear of Meghan Markle or Rachel Markle? Yes, a girl who takes opportunities, a girl is willing to risk it all. So who is she? A girl who is seen in the news, or a girl who just knows how to sell. Well, I let you be the judge of this, so let's start from scratch.

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Meghan Markle aka Rachel was

Born: August 4, 1981, Canoga Park, Los Angeles, CA,

she appears like a mixed girl (right)! YES, but she is also a daughter of a mother who is enslaved by the western world, not her mother but far back into her mother's DNA. So, would she take revenge? I don't think so. So why, Rachel, or sorry to say Meghan Markle Dutchess of Sussex (by marriage) is yes, the most hated person in this world? It's easy. Because people are not sure what she thinks, and those who know her have so many secrets to hide. Personally, do not hate or judge Meghan. I feel she is an inspiration because she knows how it is to grow up as a mixed girl. Who do you choose? White or Black Culture. There is no choice. Because for everyone out there who is mixed, know that born in between to colors, is a as we call it these days a new human. Yes, oops I have said that. But, we do not talk about me, the person who writes this, we talk about Meghan Rachel Markle. So who is she? Why is she hated around the globe, is it because of her skin complexion? or is it because she has a strong personality, no friends, and everyone around her hates the guts out of her. I will investigate, who she is! really is, not because she scored a prince and her miss miaow, was good enough for Prince Harry! (guess it must have been when you can call yourselves a wive these days)