Why is someone a Trans-Gender? And What is it?

Hello and welcome to my channel. I am Michell, and today we talk about why is someone a Trans-Gender, and what is it exactly?

Well to understand more about why someone calls him or herself transgender we have to look into the past, let’s see if we can get a better understanding of this topic


So you know who was the first transgender?

Do have we have any history. Where does it come from, and why does someone have the feeling that he or she is trapped in the wrong body.

Today, we will talk about these things.

But before we will continue, let me ask you a question.

What is trans-gender? I will give you a few seconds to answer that………

Do you know?

If you do, then you must hear, read or maybe know someone who is transgender. But if you don’t, let me explain what it means to be transgender.

Transgender people have a gender identity or gender expression that differs from the sex that they were assigned at birth. Some transgender people who desire medical assistance to transition from one sex to another identify as transsexual.

What happens if you become a trans-gender?

When people make changes to match the way they feel inside, it's called transitioning. Some change their clothing, hair, and name. Some ask others to change the pronouns they use to identify them. (They may choose "he," "she," "they," or even "ze.") Some use hormones or surgery to alter how they look and feel.

What are the body parts of a transgender?

Surgical procedures for trans women feminize the voice, skin, face, Adam's apple, breasts, waist, buttocks, and genitals. Surgical procedures for trans men masculinize the chest and genitals and remove the womb, ovaries, and fallopian tubes. The acronyms "GRS" and "SRS" refer to genital surgery.

How long does it take to transition genders?

Some of the physical changes begin in as little as a month, though it may take as long as 5 years to see the maximum effect. For example, men transitioning to women can expect A-cup and occasionally larger breasts to fully grow within 2 to 3 years.

Can you be transgender without surgery?

Many transgender people transition without using hormones or surgery. Nonmedical options include: Living as your gender identity. This includes changing your clothing, name, speech, or other things.

At what age does transgender start?

The study results showed that the mean age of the transgender women's earliest general memory and first experience of gender dysphoria were 4.5 and 6.7 years, respectively. For transgender men, they were 4.7 and 6.2 years, respectively.

What are the 4 genders?

The four genders are masculine, feminine, neuter, and common. There are four different types of genders that apply to living and nonliving objects. Masculine gender: It is used to denote a male subtype.

How do you know if you are transgender?

Identifying as transgender (or trans) means knowing that your gender identity is different than the sex assigned to you at birth. For example, it could mean that you were assigned male at birth but you know that your gender identity is female. It could also mean that you were assigned male or female at birth, but understand that your gender identity is neither one nor the other. In that case, your gender identity might be best described as nonbinary.

Where does the name transgender come from?

Well to find out where this name comes from, we need to dive a little bit into the past.

Transvestite' originated in 1910 from the German sexologist Magnus Hirschfeld, who would later develop the Berlin Institute where the very first 'sex change' operations took place. 'Transsexual' was not coined until 1949, 'transgender' not until 1971, and 'trans' (a very British term) not until 1996

Why society doesn’t talk openly about Transgender?

Are you ever wondering, why society doesn’t talk about transgenders? Why many don’t accept it or ignore it.

There are many stories out there, maybe you are transgender, you didn’t come out of the closet. Didn’t tell anyone, you pretend to be someone, someone you can not accept from deep within. Maybe you did come out of the closet, but your surrounding doesn’t accept it. Maybe you are a teenager, struggling with your gender, they think you are weird, call you a creep, waiting for you to beat you up. So, why do we ignore transgenders, pretending they are not human. Why couldn’t we accept them, why do we call them different? Is everyone so perfect? Ask yourself this, when you look in the mirror, yes you. Just take a moment, grab a mirror and look at yourself. What do you see? Are you happy with the way you look right now? Why a transgender is so different. Why we can accept surgery, to change your body if you stay of the same gender. Why does society think this is acceptable. But, if you say transgender many don’t agree. Why. Every human has the right to live their life. Everyone, so maybe if we dig deeper into this transgender society and try to understand it, we can react to it better. If you like this content, or if you want to share your opinion leave a comment down below.

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